Profiles of the Superhuman

Here I shall post all my superhero related post.

Personality of Superman

While it may be surprising, this hero was not always “Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Also, originally, he couldn’t fly. Instead, he was a glorified strong man. Now he is the most recognizable superhero around the world, and an All American Icon. (Despite the fact that he’s technically an illegal alien.(literally)) But this actually makes him one of the hardest superheroes to categorize.

Superman is either and INFJ or an ENFJ.

As Clark Kent he is your average guy. Not shy per-say but not bold either. He’s quiet most of the time and doesn’t make a fuss over most things. He does his work well and gets along with most everyone but isn’t outstanding. Again, average. As Superman he is courageous and spontaneous. He is more assertive definitely but he still has similar characteristics of Kent. Most would say E for extroverted automatically when talking about Superman and while he is more outgoing and much more arresting when Superman you still have the whole Fortress of Solitude to deal with. A literal Fortress of Solitude is a very introverted thing to do. Also, it’s not just like he spends just and hour there either he may be there for days working out some problem on his super computer or doing more research on the Phantom Zone. Either way, Superman is somewhere in the middle between a super dynamic extrovert to an ordinary shy, introvert.

Superman is smart. There is no doubt in my mind that he is. While some may think that Clark Kent’s role as a reporter is just a cover for Superman I would invite that person to think a bit more. Because, after all, didn’t Clark have to get the job in the first place? And even while he’s Superman while he’s in that Fortress of Solitude he works on things. He builds and creates, making machines to help other aliens or does some research on his super computer, which, I’m fairly sure, he built himself. N stands for intuitive.

Superman = America. I say that not because he is an American icon but instead because of how he handles other people’s problems. As in, he puts it on himself to handle them. This feeling of responsibility to everyone and for everyone is one of the reason’s we love him but because he does try and fight every battle… it causes some problems because of his methods. Another reason why we love Superman so much is that he refuses (unless absolutely necessary) to kill (the Superman movie being an exception). Along with that he never uses his full power in a fight, no matter how badly he’s losing. He also never gives up on people. Ever. Much to the annoyance of Lex Luther when Superman tells him again that he sees good in him. F, unsurprisingly, stands for feeling.

As stated previously, Kent is dedicated. He’s dedicated not just to his family, his friends, and the other members of the Justice League but to the salvation of everyone. He doesn’t give up and his loyalty is repaid in turn by his friends and sometimes, maybe the world. J is for judging but also loyalty, like that Golden Retriever you once knew that would give you the ball back no matter how far you threw it.


Personality of Batman

What can I say about Batman? Well, he’s gloomy. Dark. His parents are dead (as he keeps reminding us…). Yep, that’s about it. Article over.

In all seriousness, Batman is one of the most interesting superheroes you will ever meet. (If superheroes actually existed and all.) Once you get past the dark brooding you’ll find a mind something close to genius in its shear ability to plan. You’ll also find one of the most determined minds as despite being the only one in the JLA without any sort of supernatural or cybernetic enhancements he is one of the primary leaders of the JLA and everyone in it acknowledges him as such.

Batman is an INTJ. 

Raised in a huge mansion with only his elderly butler for company it is no wonder Bruce Wane turned out as introverted as he did. Without Alfred it would have probably been much worse. Regardless Bruce Wane is a very reserved and serious creature. Although, to be sure, he does have a sense of humor. I is for introverted.

Bruce Wane is also a company owner. A technology company at that. Wane enterprises is one of the most technologically advanced company in the world and Bruce Wane is C.E.O. As a result he also must be innovative (hint, hint) and able to make useful technologies that solve the problems of the world. That skill with invention was not only put to the test as Bruce Wane but also as Batman as his suit, car, and motorcycle are all armed to the teeth with gadgets galore. Basically, he’s a techie. 

It is perhaps because Batman was raised in a huge house mostly to his lonesome that he became so smart. What is a child to do when they are bored in a huge old house but read? And think. And study. And read. Perhaps he played around and watched TV but we all know he’s not much for making friends. And so he is left to himself and can roam around inside the mysteries of his own head. (A very mysterious place indeed). T if you haven’t guess already is for thinking.

Finally we come to J. J sums up some of the key aspects of Batman. J is for judging but it also represents determination, planning, and acute organization. Bruce Wane has all of these. As said before Batman is the only one on the JLA without some sort of super ability. It’s not exactly as if he has to actually compete with any of them but mentally he’s already doing it. Because what he lacks in super-strength, speed or any number of superhuman capability he makes up for it with his extraordinary planning ability. Now I know what you’re thinking. Great, you’ve reduced Batman to a party planner. But just bear with me because his ability goes far beyond a mere girl with a pencil skirt and clipboard. Batman takes leaves nothing to chance. Everything he does is carefully thought out and weighed pros against cons. On top of that he has his contingency plans. If anyone in the Justice League or any of the superheroes that Batman has met were to go rouge, he would have at least five different ways to stop them. And if they all were to turn against him? Well, he has his kryptonite gloves in the car along with a match and a few yellow rings. Basically, he’s the last person you’d want to play in a game of chess. 


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