Confessions, Rescheduling, and a Goodbye

Dian Rye is a pen name. He isn’t just a pen name however, as soon he became his own character who just happens to write and have a blog. Regardless, it isn’t a name I want to use anymore for writing because there is no need. Why should I have an online life that is different from my real one? My real name is Sydni Sobers. I’m not thirty, not male and don’t work at a pet shop. I’m a college kid. And a developing writer. 

The second thing is about that book I promised would be done by the end of this month. The Profiles book. Unfortunately, it will not be ready by then. The reason being that the computer I had been using most of the year decided to die and with it a lot of my articles and other things. This computer that I am typing on now is new and I will start the book anew. I will have a digital copy available that I will post a link to here. It will be a Pay As You Wish, meaning you pay as much as you think the book is worth. If you think it’s total bull and want it for free you can have it for free but if you think it’s amazing and one of the best superhero books ever then pay as much as you thing that is worth.

The last thing is I won’t be writing on this blog anymore. You’ve probably guessed this as I’ve been absent for months but I simply don’t have the time to do this and keep up with any college work I have to do. While it is still summer there are other projects that I’d like to do as well and managing a blog and writing a short story every week and keeping up with my art is just bit much. 

So with that I bit you adieu. 

Goodbye all and thank you.


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