You wake up, blind and frantic and twist and turn in the bed in what could be interpreted as a seizure. Finally, you struggle out of your covers, now laid to wayside on the floor and get up. You have errands to run, people to see and the day seems too short for your long to-do list.

You take a quick, cold shower and call to remind your building manager that he still hasn’t fixed the pluming to your apartment. You don’t eat breakfast, instead, you make bad coffee. It is watered down and it’s that brand you hate but it was cheap- on sale- and you didn’t have time to search for the good kind, and it sucks. It’s really bad coffee. 

Still, the coffee works and you’re out the door. The taxi driver ask where you’re going and you say as always that ‘Big obnoxious building down by the square’. The driver chuckles as always and you give a half-hearted smirk. Something’s different about today. You can feel it. Maybe it was the coffee but something’s off. The driver starts going and your are still busy thinking about everything that could have put this day off. 

Maybe it was his boss’s new tie he wore yesterday. It had an odd color to it, some badly died shade of crimson that managed to look gaudy and wash-out simultaneously. Perhaps it was your date with Lorna. She seemed a bit preoccupied… she had barely eaten you think. But then again, you were too busy looking at your phone to really notice. Although the steak you ordered was a bit under-cooked… 

Your phone buzzes and you flip it open to a frantic text from your boss who tells you that sales are down by 15%, and you need to come here right now so that you can help fix it and what was the status for the store on Miller street and there’s and opening up in Hager’s Town that you need to go to and –

You look up just in time to see the truck driver’s wide eyes, as his truck crashes, straight into the side of the taxi. 

Then, nothing.


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