Consumer vs. Creator

I have a pile of folders in which I keep my writing ideas. Over the years it’s become quite full and I haven’t gone through but one or two of those ideas I once cherished. 

I like the internet. On it I can learn anything and communicate with anyone; but I find that most of my time on it is spent watching mini-documentaries, or reading yet another article on some start-up in Silicon Valley. TV is great as well but with it’s endless amount of channels I spend what should have been a half hour mindlessly watching my fifth cop-drama unfold on screen while knowing that it was always that awkward guy in the corner who did it. 

The point is this. While the internet and TV are wonderful things they don’t necessarily lead to any growth, to any creativity. Instead you are invited to sit down and passively enjoy what it offers clinking on link after link, video after video, movie after movie. In the meantime, you aren’t creating anything. You are absorbing. You are taking in knowledge or ideas, and they are being stored up in the attic of your mind where they will never really be used. 

Remember that pile of folders I told you about? For the next month or so I will preform my own minimalism experiment. I won’t be trowing away any of my clothes, tossing out my worldly possessions or anything like that but I will be recycling. Everyday I will exhaust one of my ideas in those folders. Effectively, I will be limiting my time spent on the TV and on the computer through doing this because I will be too busy writing.

I’ll be too busy creating to consume.

If any of you other bloggers, writers, or artist would like to do this with me please comment below. 


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