The incandescent light-bulb and the creaking of mice competed to be the loudest sounds in the house. It was a lost cause however, as the silence was all engulfing. The silence was a thin veil over the couple’s meal and with each bite they ate a bit more of it. The woman nearly choked on it herself and gave a small cough. The man, pretending to be engrossed in what was happening across the world, didn’t look up. The woman put her fork on her plate and daintily dabbed at her mouth with a napkin. She got up and put her plate in the sink and turned on the tap . He again played his little game of complete ignorance. The thing about silence is, that it makes everything more intense so when the woman picked up her hapless husband’s plate and broke it over his equally poor head, the sound was so harsh that it scared the mice away.

A one paragraph story today. I’ve been a bit of a funk. Please, let me know what you make of it.



One thought on “Dinner

  1. I love the “each bite they ate a bit more of it” part. (And that she nearly choked on it.) Not as fond of his “equally poor head.” The rest of the story seems to be saying he deserves this, the use of “poor” seems to indicate he doesn’t. All together, I really like this.

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