Living Plugged In

Technology is an ubiquitous and ever-changing force in our world. It makes it easy to connect, store data and experience new lands all form the comfort of our couch. But has this quick and easy method of communication, connection, and storage made us a ‘throwaway society’? Has having our phones always in the palms our hands made it harder to actually shake hands with someone? Have eyes glued to a screen made human eye contact impossible? And as my fingers type the keys will they be too numb to feel the touch of what is real?

Modern-day technology has so many great things to offer and with its current advancement there are more fantastic things yet to come. But as we wait and post, and tweet, and skype, and scroll are we losing touch with what’s actually right in front of us? I am a huge science fiction fan and can’t wait for singularity and the age of bio-integrated technology but at the same time I write most things in paper.

I worry that, amiss all the change genuine human connection will become far and few between as people ignore those around them for those far far away. I worry that, people will begin to forget a far away friend’s actual voice because they only talk to them via text. I worry that kids will no longer play outside because they’d rather sit at the computer all day watching cartoons. 

I worry that people will disconnect. That everyone will forget what is right there in front of them because they are too busy plugged in to care. And by the time they notice the person has moved on, that friend stopped calling and the air is too full of smoke to play today. 

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