Personality of Green Lantern

One of the most underrated members of the JLA, Green Lantern has perhaps the most potential. This is due in large part, to his powers which are literally bound by the limits of his imagination and concentration. Despite this, he’s often regaurded as just a guy who can fly, make a few unfunny jokes, with a magic ring.

I intend to break that simplification… somewhat.

The pilot slash superhero is an ENTP.

E is fairly obvious. He’s a charismatic bachelor-pilot. So, I’m fairly certain that he has a good social life. The extroverted part of his nature also reveals itself in his whit. A whit that even can get Batman to smirk, though, he’s probably not better then Flash. In short, he is a very personable person.  Extroverted in the Myers Briggs personality test can also mean clever and Green Lantern is very clever. He has to be; his powers rely on problem solving. And as such, his powers rely on his being able to think ahead and for that you need to be clever. 

N is for intuitive. Intuitive means being able to think beyond what is presently available. Being able to see beyond now, and distance yourself from the current situation. N is also for imaginative and that’s exactly what being Green Lantern entails. Which is probably why Martian Manhunter was never going to be ‘chosen’ by the ring as he is about as imaginative as a dictionary. Carrying on, being Green Lantern not only requires imagination but being able to imagine something deadly under pressure. For example say, fighting yet another overlord of some far away planet you need to avoid his lasers, while rescuing the girl, who’s still screaming, and concentrate on generating a shield and then some sort of weapon because he’s coming right at you and… That kind of pressure. Basically, be creative, or die. 

Thinking is something I’ve been harping on for this entire article and I apologize but the harp shall continue to play. This thinking attribute has less to do with sheer brain-power and more to do with Hal Jordan being a logical and analytic person. Logical or analytic are not the first things you’d peg Green Lantern with at all, but just hear me out. Yet, when you consider his military background it makes sense. Hal Jordan is a pilot for the Air Force ans ash such he was taught to think analytically and discipline (though he may not show it). On top of that, he’s a pilot and if you’ve ever seen the dashboard of a plane you’ll know that they are incredibly complex and he needs to be mindful of all the readings the plane gives. To do that he has to compartmentalize them all… while soaring thousands of feet above ground. 

P is for perceiving. P is also for being open-minded and not fixed on any one idea. In short, he’s versatile. He can think of things on the fly and think himself out of trouble with ease. And all with a few bits of canned humor thrown in.


This will be my last superhero profile post on this blog. Instead I’m going to compile all those I’ve already done (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash) and the rest of the Justice League from the New 52 and from the Justice League Unlimited Series into an e-book that will be up by the end of next month. 


5 thoughts on “Personality of Green Lantern

  1. I love this idea. That said, You didn’t mention Hal Jordan’s name until the third paragraph… I would have liked it to be the title. There are (obviously) many Green Lanterns. Secondly, as for the “P” i would have included that stepping outside of the societal standard, Hal Jordan joined a league that includes many alien races, who he then had to train with. He sort of did it with aplomb, so he is very open-minded. About the furthest thing from xenophobe one can be.
    Good job. I love superheros/comics.

  2. Hi there, I’m Jo. I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award, you can google it, it’s a thing.
    Anyway from what I understand the whole idea is to spread the love a little bit around WordPress by sharing some writers I enjoy with the people who follow my page.

    Below is the link to my post where I talk about the award and nominate you. I hope you take part., cause it’s fun and stuff.

      • You’re very welcome. If you want to pass the nomination on to some of your own favorite bloggers answer the questions on your own blog and you can ask your nominees some more questions. Let me know when you make that post. Because I’d love read your responses.

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