The flying carpet bed

The dog stared dismally at the floor, wondering if he’d ever feel it again. He didn’t like this fancy new dog bed his master got him. It floated a few inches above the floor so every time he wanted to take a nap he had to expel energy to do so. Otherwise he had to sleep on the hard wood floor. A lazy dog shouldn’t have to work to be lazy! It should be the easiest recourse, a solice from doing nothing all day. And now it was work to take a nap. The dog stared at his owner who was typing at his desk. Soon, he’d have to work to feed himself too… He already had to go outside to pee and he didn’t even have an awning lest it was wet!
The dog sighed.
It’s hard to be lazy these days.


Jones glanced at his pug laying lazily on his new bed. Jones chuckles to himself as he types.
What wouldn’t give to be that dog! My only job is to sit there, maybe do a trick or two, and eat! I could sit at home and take a nap or watch TV. I wouldn’t have to do anything.
The pug glares half-heartedly at his master and Jones only chuckles and returns to his work.
Two more spreadsheets to go.


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