Personality of Flash

Flash. He’s the fastest man alive. Nearly faster then Superman in speed and powered by the omnipresent Speed Force Flash is a force of nature. Or actually a science experiment gone wrong (or right) if you are being particular. Often regarded as just a fast guy with no other skill talents or worth Flash is the friendly, but sadly one of the most undervalued of the Justice League.  

I will break such assumptions.

Flash, as well as being the fastest man alive (because we are assuming all the other super fast people are dead or lost in the Speed Force (except Superman of course)) is also and ESTP.

E is for extroverted. That is obvious. Flash is friendly, talkative and witty. He also has a lot of energy (go figure). That’s not what I’m going to point out. What I am going to address is why they are good qualities. The obvious answer is because it blocks out Batman’s gloominess and while that may be true that’s not why it is a good thing. Besides Hal Jordan everyone on the Justice League will keep to themselves for the most part. Superman may be extroverted but he is too busy being the leader, and Wonder Woman if not planning some talk at some lady convention she’s planning a strategy if Priscilla Rich every breaks free. Batman and Manhunter are no help. That leaves Hal and Flash to be the social centers of an otherwise introverted cast.  Hal Jordan may try and liven things up but that is only when he’s actually there (remember he is a pilot and has a job outside of being Green Lantern). With that leaves Flash. Flash is a very witty and funny person he’s able to charm even Batman (which is very hard to do you can imagine). Because of that he’s likable and is able to lift the mood, which I will talk in greater detail later.

S is for sensing. Flash besides just being extroverted cares and can tell what others are feeling. This may seem like a completely unimportant characteristic but just here me out. When things are tense in the Justice League who do you think breaks the tension? It’s not Superman, not Wonder Woman, especially not Batman. Martian Manhunter may sense something (in a purely analytic way) but is unlikely to know what to do in the situation. Even Hal Jordan keeps secrets if he has to. Again it comes down to Flash who can break up the situation acting as a peacekeeper and mitigator. Some, are still unconvinced. Well, in a room full of super humans (and one relatively normal guy in a cool suit) who could, if provoked probably destroy the world if they were to go to battle wouldn’t it be nice for someone to be able to ease everyone’s nerves? Superman could try to do that be he’s too morally simplistic for either Batman or Wonder Woman at times where as Flash can sympathize with both view points to an extent. Another characteristic that goes with sensing is that he is hands on. That being said if Flash does see that Batman is a little gloomier then normal he’ll go and try to cheer him up or at least get him to chuckle.

In my many years of being a comic book fan I have come to know people who think that Flash is just a fast guy who’s not that smart but hey he’s nice. I, being a naive nerd that I was once believed that until I did more digging into his background. Barry Allen is a detective for the C.I.A.. The government goes not give security clearances to those with a 2.0 average. Also, he’s a detective, not an agent or a police officer. That means that he must have considerable knowledge of  crime, criminology, sociology, psychology, the crime patterns around certain districts and must be able to piece together a near complete crime scene with minimal evidence. So, he’s smart. If that wasn’t enough Flash must be quick on his feet (no pun intended). He must think fast because he travels fast. One must make quick and decisive decisions when traveling at the speed of a jet liner on land. Especially when one wrong step can hurl you and trap you in another dimension entirely. T is for thinking.

 P is for perceiving. P means that you are bound to no law, constraints, or in some cases, reason. To explain I ask this: Do you think that if Batman were to suddenly get Flash’s powers that he would try them out? Realistically, the answer is no. I say this because Batman is a creature of logic. He must know all the possible risk and challenges each step must take before he makes his move. In a high risk power as super speed Batman wouldn’t take that chance. I know I wouldn’t.  Remember when you were first learning how to ride a bike? And you didn’t want your dad or mom to let you go because you were afraid you would fall? Well, imagine that same emotion but instead of a bike it’s your feet and instead of just falling a few feet, you skid across the pavement at the speed of sound. 


Let me know if you have any questions.


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