Personality of Wonder Woman

What can one say about Wonder Woman? To start, she’s a warrior princess from an island full of other female warriors in the middle of nowhere. She’s also a diplomat and has a lasso, and a stupid invisible jet. She’s pretty…

Yep, I think that just about raps it up.

No, not quite. Wonder Woman is a woman of many hats. From princess, to warrior to diplomat and peacekeeper Wonder Woman seems to be able to do it all. She’s the modern icon for American feminism and just plain cool.

She’s also an ENTJ.

As Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman Diana is a force to be reckoned with. I shall explain. As Diana Prince her role is as ambassador and peacekeeper. Many of us watch the news and see how long and tiresome negotiating in Washington can be. It takes forever and while the little island Themyscira may not be the biggest threat it is also a nation full of highly trained and deadly warriors who will launch war if they feel even the slightest bit threatened. Diana handles this well partially because she was born and raised among these warriors and partially because she was also groomed to be queen of them. It is often over-looked that Wonder Woman isn’t called the Amazon Princess for nothing. Until her mother kicked her out Diana was all set to be queen. While she may not retain her royal training she still has all of her training as a warrior and general. Because the Amazon’s are primarily a fighting nation Diana is also a general in her own right. And not necessarily the kind that sits on the pedestal watching everyone else fight. However, this does not mean that she rushes into a fight without a plan either as I will discuss later. In short, she has an abundance of leadership experience and training so much so that judging from qualifications alone, Wonder Woman is actually the most fit to run the JLA. E stands for extroverted. But it also stands for pure power.

The N in ENTJ stands for intuitive. Wonder Woman is smart. She can also take things as they go. She knows when to fight and when the battle’s already lost. Going back to her warrior upbringing, Diana was taught how to fight, but she was also taught how to engage the enemy. There is a difference. Fighting involves just brute strength and power, anyone can fight. Perhaps not well but everyone can throw their weight around and hit someone. Engaging the enemy takes an entirely different set of strengths. When one engages one keeps in mind all of the opponent’s possible moves and balances them accordingly. One plans out their attack and for all counter attacks. One reads the mind of their opponent and tries to anticipate what they are going to do next. Think of it like a game of chess. The hits you take are your pawns lost but you are always gearing for the knockout punch that takes their king.

T is for thinking. While this may be repetitive (and I apologize) but again I must sight Diana’s warrior up-bringing. Wonder Woman is objective and decisive. She knows what everyone’s greatest strengths are and how to use them. She’s also very blunt, as she will say what needs to be done and will leave emotions out of the equation. While that may seem harsh, she does care about her people and her friends but she has a very Unitarian point of view in that if you have to sacrifice a few to save many then you do it.

The last letter in ENTJ is J for judging. Judging deals with determination mostly. A person decides what’s worth their time and sticks to it and pursues it with all their might. In short, Wonder Woman is determined. She will not back down, even if sometimes it is irrational. She will always stay true to those she cares about and will do anything to protect them or their loved ones. So on the off chance that you are a very bad man threatening one of her friends you might want to get out of the way because unlike Superman, she takes no prisoners.


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